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Been field testing a bunch of CMSs and I'm fairly certain I've finally landed on the one I want, so I am telling you all now, with 99% certainty, that is back for good and I'll be dumping most of my insights over there from now on. I'll maybe be making small aesthetic changes in the days to come, but for the most part it is ready to roll out.

And those of you who prefer the phone browser will likely enjoy Still working on that aspect, but it's as good to go as needs be right now.

so I'll see you over there.

My Schedule at CONvergence 2008

Would those of you who will be attending CONvergence! in Minneapolis over the July 4th weekend kindly make it a point to stop by and say hello to me? I'll be on the panels listed below. Between those times, I'll likely be wandering the dealer rooms or looking for free booze. At some point I'll try to get in at the reading lounge and, should anyone want a signed book, I'll bring a sharpie. When you do come up and say hello, don't be shy about bringing me booze... or a hot meal. I so rarely ever eat those. Those among you who own/bring a Radio Controlled Battling Dalek Action Set are especially encouraged to show.

Thu 5:00pm - 6:00pm Emergent Genres And Movements
A discussion of The New Weird, Mundane Science Fiction, Space-Westerns, and other current movements in the field.

Thu 8:00pm - 9:00pm Closet Geeks... Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are!
When did you realized you were a geek? Are you considering stepping out of the geek closet? If you told people you were going to be 'out of town this weekend,' then this panel is for you!

Sun 9:30am - 10:30am    Sarah Jane Adventures
It may be the least talked about/acknowledged of the current run of Doctor Who spin-offs, but it's definitely worth discussion. Is The Sarah Jane Adventures far better than it has any right to be?

Sun 12:30pm - 1:30pm  Subverting Tropes
Discuss the basic tropes of SF/F/H and how to subvert, twisted, and otherwise stand them on their ear.

So for research, I will spend the next nine days watching Doctor Who spinoffs and reading strange books. As far as the strange books go, any of you got suggestions?

What is this "Hellbound Snowballs" Anyway?

In brief, it's a love story, a ghost story, a monster story, a coming of age, a whodunnit & a why'dtheydoit. It's maniac creativity, frantic weirdness and linguistic acrobatics. It's what M. Christian (The Very Bloody Marys) calls "100% Recommended," what left Mckenzee (Sinister Bedfellows) "living in the mirror," and induced in MontiLee Stormer (Isle of Shadows) the deep and irrefutable knowledge, "his brain is sexy." It's a story told traipsing to and fro, between the utterly profound and the hopelessly juvenile, along a crooked path of pop cultural stepping stones jutting out from the murk of the collective unconscionable. It is the wit and pace of my stories Fruit Fly the Magician and Valentine's Prey delivered with the mystery and mistrust of Phallus in Wonderland and In His Own Image. (In case you're wondering, those are all short stories printed in my first book, DAMAGED GOODS, for which you can procure free shipping by ordering it along with Hellbound Snowballs. There. Had to be said...) It's my novel, now available thanks to the efforts of the wonderful people at Raised All Wrong Press, and I'd like to share it with you.

If you read only one novel in your entire lifetime, read something by Steinbeck or Hemmingway, but if you read another, make this the one! 

PSA - Watch Out For Ice

2008 is the year I replace my loyal but tired old electronics. Today the electric half of my hybrid car was pronounced dead to the tune of $5,000 in repairs. Yesterday I replaced the TREO 600 with a CENTRO. That came with video capability my old phone lacked, so it makes sense that I'd start making videos to share with you. Here, then, is the first video I shot. It's of a giant icicle.

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When the first signed copies of the book ship out (That will happen on January 2nd, for those of you wondering. These damnable holidays have held up everything.) the following people will find their names in the acknowledgements. It’s a bit shorter list than last time round…

MontiLee Stormer, Larry “Mckenzee” Holderfield, M. Christian, Erik Evans - Because they help me a lot.

David “Chopsticks” Kirschenmann - For a line he gave me.

Ray “Shaking Hands” Aune - For a line he gave me.

Sarah “Would You Like A Banana” Lynch-Walker - For a line she gave me.

Phil “Day of the Crow” Boigenzahn - For an idea he gave me.

The Degenerati - For their loyal allegiance.

Slim Dunlap* - For having me in his Top 8., - For working so hard to sell my last book.

* This is actually due to Terry Walsh, but of course I hadn’t thought of that by press time.

SPecial Announcement Message

(As the week goes on, I'll likely have resent this to you at least once via various means. It's just one of those things I do when I've got a book to promote.)

If you are reading this SPecial Announcement Message, it's because I want to extend a special offer just to you and a couple thousand other close, personal friends of mine. My newest novel, Hellbound Snowballs, has just been released. And by that I mean it won't be out for a couple of weeks, but you can have one before anyone else. Even better, you can have a signed copy before anyone else. Signed copies are available over at for the same price as a crappy unsigned copy from some other place that doesn't love you like I do.

I'm doing this solely for you. All those other readers mean nothing to me. You're the only one for whom I want to sign a book. In fact, I've never even signed a book before. I've been saving myself just for you, so please let me sign you a book. I've heard if writers don't get to sign books, they could die. I have an above average signature and I'll still respect you in the epilogue. I'll beg if I have to.